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Sound Equipment


Computer Audio:

- Crane Song Solaris Quantum

- Dangerous Music Convert AD+

- Tascam DA-3000


- RME Babyface

Monitor Speakers:

- Genelec 8351

- Adam A7X

- Adam A44H

- Adam Sub10 MKII

- Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube

- 10 other sets of speakers for reference


- Sennheiser HD660S


- 2X Sony MDR-7506

- 2X Vic Firth SIH1

- 16X Monitor Headphones

and etc.


Signal Processing:

- Dangerous Music Liaison Analog Master Router

- Empirical Labs EL8X-S Distressor with British Mode and Image Link - Stereo Pair

- Golden Age Project Comp-2A

- Behringer FBQ3102HD

- API 5500

- Stam Audio SA4000 MKII with British Mode

- Retro Instruments Retro Revolver

- Solid State Logic Fusion

- Dangerous Music Compressor

- Avalon VT-747SP EZ Black Edition

- Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer

- Bettermaker Mastering Limiter


Mic Preamps and Channel Strips:

- Great River ME-1NV

- SPL Track One MKII

- Rupert Neve 5211

- Universal Audio 2-610S

- 2X Grace Design M103

- Audient ASP 008

- RME Octamic II


- Neumann U87 Ai

- Lewitt LCT940

- Neumann TLM103 Anniversary Stereo Microphone Pair

- AKG C414 XLS/ST Matched Pair

- Neumann KM184 Stereo Set

- Blue Reactor

- AKG C430 Stereo Set

- AKG C1000

- MXL 603 Stereo set

- Sennheiser E945

- 2X Blue Encore 200

- 2X Shure beta 58A

- 3X Shure beta 57A

- 6X Shure SM57

- 2X Shure Beta 52A

- 3X AKG D40

- 2X AKG D112

- Yamaha Subkick


and etc.



Drum Set (All Round): ​

Gretsch USA Custom 130th Anniversary Limited Satin Birdseye Maple (10x7, 12x8 inch Toms, 14x14 inch Floor Tom, and 20x16 inch Bass Drum).


Drum Set (Jazz):

Gretsch Brooklyn Kit 3기통 (12x8 inch Tom, 14x14 inch Floor Tom, and 18x14 inch Bass Drum).


Drum Set (Street):

Sonor Jungle Kit (10x8 inch Tom, 14x12 inch Floor Tom, and 16x16 inch Bass Drum).

Snare Drums:

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Snare 14x5 1/2, Yamaha Maple Custom Vintage Snare 14x5 1/2, Yamaha Sensitive Series Maple Snare 14x5 1/2, Grestch USA custom Snare 14x5, Gretsch USA Custom 130th Anniversary Limited Satin Birdseye Maple Snare 14x5, Canopus Zelkova Snare 14x6 1/2, Mapex Black Panther Phantom Snare 12x5, Pearl Maple Piccolo Snare 14x4, Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare 14x6 1/2, Grestch Catalina Club Snare 13x7, and etc.



K Constantinople Medium ride 22", K Constantinople Medium thin low ride 20", K Constantinople Flat Ride 20", K Constantinople crash 16", K Constantinople Hihat 14", K Custom Medium Ride 22", K Custom High Definision Ride 22", K Custom Left Sid Ride with 3 Rivets 20", K Custom Flat Top Ride 20", K Custom Dark Crash 17", K Custom fast crash 14", K Custom Dark Hihat 14", K Custom hybrid splash 11 inch, K Custom splach 10", K Custom splash 8", K ride 20", K Hihat 14", K Crash Ride 18", K Thin Crash 16", A custom medium ride 20", A custom crash 18", A custom crash 17", A custom crash 16", A custom hihat 14", A custom hihat 13", A new beat hihat 15", ZXT Trashformer Cymbal 14", Zildjian 18" Spiral Trash Cymbal, Sabian Artisian medium ride 20", Sabian HHX China 20", Sabian HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash 18", Sabian AA china 18", Sabian 14" HH Thin Crash, Sabian AAX O-Zone splash 12", Bosphorus Hammer Series China 22", Bosphorus Master series crash 20", Bosphorus Master vitage ride 19", Bosphorus traditional series thin crash 16", Bosphorus Traditional Series Dark Hi-Hat Cymbal 14", Wuhan crash ride 18", Wuhan crash 16", Finger Cymbals 2 Pairs, and etc.


Pearl Travel Conga Set, LP Matador Bongo, LP Mario Cortes Cajon, Schlagwerk Black Edition, Schlagwerk Delux Makassar, Extra Large MultiTree Chimes, Studio Shaker 9", Macho Maracas, LP Cowbells, LP Lap Top Conga, MEINL Floatune Wood Djembe 12", LP Shake-it, LP Matador 14"&15" Chrome Timbaless, jam blocks, LP261 Grenadilla Wood Claves, Triangle, LP Standard Afuche Cabasa, LP243 Super Guiro, LP231A Standard Agogo Bells, Meinl Castanets, and etc.

Keyboards and Synthesizers: 

Yamaha P-140 Contemporary Digital Piano, Yamaha MOXF8, and Korg King Korg.

Amps: Supro Delta King 12, Kustom Sienna 30, Fender Bassman 150, Phonic MK50


PA: Yamaha Stagepas 600i.



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